about us


Aston electric, which originated from Europe, is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient, economic and environmental protection electrical products to customers all over the world. In 2015, Aston electric entered China for the first time and established a wholly-owned subsidiary in xiamen, China.In 2018, the stone electric rover electrical conclude strategic cooperative relations with the UK to both sides in the field of product technology and business comprehensive strategic cooperation, the electrical stone from the initial technical leadership in the field of low voltage power distribution in the enterprise, the development into electricity, industry, transportation and infrastructure and other industries to provide power innovation technology and distribution, system integration solutions.Aston has a full range of business activities in China, including r&d, manufacturing, sales and engineering services.


In response to customer demand for electrical products and services, stone, the stone electric increase investment in the Chinese market, and successively in the fujian xiamen and dongying, shandong province, set up production bases, successively in Beijing, fujian, shandong, respectively, set up three research and development center, the recruitment of talented people in China, will be the most advanced product technology and equipment introduced to China, to provide clients with below 35 kv power overall total solution.Aston electric adopts the international advanced management system, through the whole process traceable electronic management system, strict quality control and international authoritative laboratory product certification, to provide customers with the best cost performance and the most reliable products.Through the one-stop service of customer care center, we can provide customized solutions for customers, and grow and share with customers together.